What Moroccans know about the concept of ' Black Friday '? (video)

The concept of ' Black Friday ' in Morocco is still fairly unknown.

Building on the success of previous years, announced earlier the Jumia 3rd Edition of ' Black Friday '. This will be held from 13 november to 10 december. Almost a month long offers the customers exceptional offers for a large number of products. But what Moroccans know about this concept? Lefr360 went to the streets and asked it to some passers-by.

The first woman in the video got the question: "do you ever purchases over the internet?" The wife quips: "no, I have no internet, I do have a few things to buy for the internet, you buy it from me?"

The others get the same question and answers that they buy something on the internet as a track suit and a watch, also becomes one of them asked if he knows Jumia, on which he says "of course, anyone who knows Jumia well not!"

The question "do you know what Black Friday means?" asked several people, many of them are invited to reply with a no. One of them told that the concept of ' Black Friday ' comes from abroad, they had it ever done in Rabat and then hit the people clashed with each other.

[video = youtube; FZ2A8aC_l6s] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = FZ2A8aC_l6s [/video]

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