Lekjaa: Renard's ' contract with the League for a long time been extended to 2022 ' (video)

Lekjaa reports a total of anything other than what different Moroccan media both in Netherlands as in Morocco, us did believe.

After Morocco's placement for the World Cup next summer in Russia's rees the valid question what the Moroccan Federation FRMF with the expiring contract of her success coach Hervé Renard was going to do. The Federal President gave there yesterday, opposite Le360, a short and concise answer about it.

The preses reports that after the African Cup by 2017 in Gabon the commitment with the two-time Africa Cup-winner is broken up and extended to 2022. In this new contract are new targets with a view to including the upcoming WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. what exactly are late Lekjaa in the middle.

Watch the video of Le360 with Lekjaa:

[video = youtube; CIzxAKe2jl0] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = CIzxAKe2jl0 & feature = youtu. be [/video]

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