Ministry prepares repatriation of Moroccans who are stuck in Libya

Hundreds of Moroccans are still stranded in difficult conditions in Libya.

The Ministry of MRE's (Moroccans living abroad) and Migration Affairs finally responds on the situation of Moroccans who are in Libya. The Ministry confirmed on 15 november on the official Facebook page that the case "closely follows" and "seriously work" to "the repatriation operation to succeed" of hundreds of Moroccans who are stranded in the territory of Libya.

The Ministry hopes that the operation will succeed, as was the case last August, making the return to Morocco of approximately 200 Moroccan nationals was possible. They were then transported in two airplanes that are specific to this operation were dedicated.

Call several hundred Moroccans for a number of months on social networks to the help of the Moroccan authorities so they can return to the Kingdom. They are locked up for several months in difficult conditions in camps or staying in hiding places for illegal immigrants in Libya.