The design team at SCUT constructs cultural Muslim Center in China

The building is based on the traditional form of a mosque.

The architectural design & research Institute of SCUT, the da Chang cultural center designed for Muslims in Hebei province in China. The building offers a spiritual home for both Muslims and visitors by the incorporation of exhibit space, a theatre, a Convention room and a Community Centre.

The project, initiated by the local government, was not only started to serve as a recreation center, but also as an essential cultural place for the introduction of the local religion and history. Chief architect He Jingtang began a holistic view to a sustainable living concept because of the religious and cultural importance of the area. The structural planning integrated many features of these aspects as well as displaying a vision for a better life.

The building is based on the traditional form of a mosque and subtly interprets the spatial structure of the standard framework with new materials and technologies. The surrounding arches in subtle elegant flower shapes that change reflected in the underlying shallow water. Instead of mimicking traditional Islamic symbols, the architects it appears with patterns in a modernized geometrical interpretation. To create the dome for example use of petaloid shells, this allows the natural light illuminating the inside of the building with complicated shapes and shadows.

The da Chang Muslim cultural center is located in Dachang County in the Hebei province of China.