Moulay Bousselham: an ecological disaster threatens Merja Zerga

Activists are sounding the alarm bell and demands urgent action by the authorities.

Merja Zerga, 75 km from Kenitra, is a threatened nature reserve. Activists of civil society read therefore the alarm bell and speaking of an ecological disaster. They are calling for urgent action by the authorities, reports the daily Al Massae.

Activities that are harmful to the environment in the vicinity of the reserve would be initiated, making the water of the Lake, where hundreds of natural types of drinking, is polluted.

A source told the daily newspaper Al Massae that he witnessed the dumping of waste and toxic substances by companies on site at the Lake, and said the situation could lead to a natural disaster.

This 7300 acre nature reserve, classified in 1980 and placed on the ' Ramsar International Wetland List ', it houses no less than 100,000 migratory birds, including some rare species.

The newspaper reports that various associations in Moulay Bousselham have launched a petition and have addressed to the wali of Rabat-Salé-Kenitra. The petition denounces "the criminal work" of companies that dump toxic substances in the reserve.

In this letter, several civil society organisations call on the wali to act as soon as possible.

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