Hirak: CNDH will no longer provide transportation for the families of detainees

The National Council for human rights (CNDH) transported families of Hirak-detainees from Al Hoceima to Casablanca.

The National Council for human rights (CNDH), the representatives of the families of the Hirak-detainees informed that they their transport from Al Hoceima to Manikandan prison in Casablanca will no longer care. This was a service that offered to facilitate their travel to their CNDH for the weekly visits of the prisoners, reports HuffPostMaroc.

In a letter addressed to the two representatives of the families of Farid Earhart and Mohamed Ahamjik, the CNDH the decision. They give it to that in violation of the agreement that the families have during different meetings closed to the circumstances of their visit to the prisoners (by the CNDH to facilitate provision of a bus for family members and more specifically for needy families), the local Committee of the CNDH in Al Hoceima no list has received within the stipulated period.

The CNDH also justifies the decision by the fact that this transport is now used by "people who are not involved in the visit and no family relationship with the detainees".

It turns out, according to the CNDH, that various comments in this direction are made by "officials who follow the file". The two representatives were also invited to a meeting at the CNDH Head Office on Tuesday 21 november, whose agenda will be dedicated to this problem.

HuffPostMaroc tried to make contact with the appropriate representatives to discuss the subject, but these remained unattainable.

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