' Police discriminate with ban headscarf '

To prohibit the police discriminate against a agent by her to wear a headscarf during her work in combination with the uniform.

That has the College of human rights determined in a case that was filed by a police officer in Rotterdam.

The woman wants to because of her religious beliefs also wear a headscarf during her work, along with a uniform. The police state that not matter, because the organization is neutral. The Assistant concerned is that it is limited in the freedom of religion

The college is the uniform gezagsuitstraling and its own security by the police officer in itself serious interests from the police, but in this case, is not convinced that applicable to the person concerned.

She works at the Department of intake & service and there is not much contact with citizens. They answered the service number of the police by telephone and should include declarations via a video connection. They may do so in civilian clothes, with a head scarf. However, her colleagues do this work in a uniform. The woman wants that too, but the Corps state that doesn't matter.

The wife wanted a principled decision of the College so that other female agents have a headscarf here what to want to wear. That is important, because the police itself indicates that they want more diversity in the ranks.

The decisions of the College are not binding.