Room feels nothing for headscarf at police, NIDA wants rural pilot

The second Room wants agents do not entitle a scarf over their uniform to wear.

The Board ruled Monday that the police is guilty of discrimination by a policewoman who has little contact with citizens to ban at her uniform to wear a headscarf. VVD mp Arno Rutte will find it "good thing the college no representations can do", because "the uniform stands for the neutrality of the Government. We also don't SP-buttons or ADO scarves. "

Christian Democratic Appeal politician Chris van Dam also maintains neutral clothing for the police. He wants to respect the ruling of the College and to seek ways Muslim women for the profession of agent to keep winning. Ronald van Raak of the SP points out that it is no coincidence that uniform uniform means. "It is important that the Government exudes uniformity and neutrality."

PVV leader Geert Wilders calls the ruling "madness" and will of "the College for the rights of the headscarf", as he calls it.

NIDA, the Rotterdam-based political party, is calling for a nationwide trial with a headscarf to the police. NIDA cites the decision of the College "hopeful" and wants new uniforms are designed where the headscarf part of is. The Party believes that anyone who wants to work for the society that regardless of religion, ethnicity or gender should be able to do and that the police should also be more inclusive, in addition to diverse bets.

"At the time that a seksist is approached by a female agent and he has trouble with it, then that is not the problem of the female agent, but of those gentleman who is sexist. Same goes for someone who wears a headscarf, "according to the party.

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