Report: what happened yesterday precisely at stake in Sidi Boulaalam? (video)

In Sidi Boulaalam, Essaouira region, arrived yesterday at least 15 persons to life at risk at a food distribution point.

The local authorities expected that 800 people would come, but there were there 5000. These people came from various places, including from Agadir and they came not only for the food basket, worth 150 dirham, but also for the sheikh, made several witnesses to Le360 that with a camera on the spot.

The sheikh Ahmed Al Hadidi called is in question and he is President of the ' Association of the province of Essaouira-learn Quran '.

Yesterday morning died 15 people, mostly women, at risk at a food distribution point where the food packages were handed out by the Association of this sheikh. There are still some wounded in the hospital in Marrakech, their condition is stable.

The daughter of one of the victims in the video that there would be more deaths cases. "There are at least 20 victims", she says. "Women, including my mother, fell and were stuck, people downtrodden them on the ground. I begged people to stop, but no one listened, "she told (freely translated).

"This is not the first time that such things have happened. Five people died last year in the same conditions and because of the same sheikh. This year I lost my mother and she was all I had in the world. My wife is also badly injured, "said the son of another victim.

According to him, there were just too many people, in the wrong place, at the wrong time. "Women came from different places, Chichaoua, Sidi Mokhtar, G'zoula and many other regions, it was hard to organize and starting from the first printed ruled the chaos," he said.

A Committee headed by the Ministry of the Interior began on Sunday evening with a series of meetings with the local authorities in the province of Essaouira. These meetings are part of the General administrative investigation which has been initiated by the Ministry. Their goal is to examine all the circumstances with regard to this incident, all measures that have been taken in this regard to review, monitor and evaluate, and any overruns or failure to detect and determine those responsible , reports a statement of the Ministry through the Moroccan news agency MAP.

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