The collection and distribution of donations from now gets a legal regulatory framework

The Interior Ministry has announced this today, after instructions from King Mohammed VI.

King Mohammed VI has the head of the Government, the Minister of the Interior and other relevant departments dedicated to ensure that all necessary legal measures are taken to calls to public generosity and distribution of help to the poor strictly check.

The culture of sharing is deeply rooted in the ancestral Moroccan traditions and is always very present in the Moroccan society, both at the State level, as Ngos and individuals, reports a statement by the Ministry of the Interior. Medical campaigns, the distribution of donations, charity and solidarity are part of the society. The country is proud of this dynamics of generosity and the positive results and effectiveness are recognized.

It is for this reason that the legal regulatory framework that is ordered by the King is of the utmost importance to this tradition of solidarity and sharing and to maintain security, add the statement of the Ministry of internal Business.

Following the tragic stampede on Sunday during the distribution of food aid in the commune of Sidi Boulaalam, province of Essaouira, there are investigations underway. In addition, the Governor of the province of Essaouira, in accordance with the Royal directives on accountable, be heard as part of the judicial investigation opened by the competent prosecutor, in strict accordance with legislation, close the statement.

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