Stray dogs will no longer be shot in Morocco

Good news for animal lovers!

The authorities have responded positively to complaints from national and international civil society. Stray dogs are no longer shot, but to limit the number of sterilized, reports the news medium Al Akhbar.

In addition to stopping the use of bullets, reports the newspaper that the Government also has decided to no longer to poison stray dogs. There will be a pilot experiment in Rabat to be launched before it is extended to the rest of the cities of the Kingdom.

In addition, Al Akhbar stressed that the Interior Ministry has reserved a budget of 20 million dirham to support local authorities in their fight against stray dogs, rats and other vermin. The goal is to serious diseases, mainly to prevent rabies.

The newspaper also indicated that the Ministry of the Interior in 2017 an agreement with the Royal armed forces (FAR) has signed for air control (d.m.v. spraying aircraft) against mosquitoes. This requires a budget of 10 million dirham.

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