Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity organizes medical campaign in Oujda region

The great medical campaign takes place from 20 to 25 november.

The Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity is organising from 20 to 25 november a great medical campaign in the region of Oujda, as part of the annual program of medical interventions, reports medias24.

This campaign answered the pressing needs of the population with regard to access to basic health care, says a statement from the Foundation.

The operation focuses on the two provinces Jerada and Figuig, specifically the localities Mrija, Bouarfa and Talsint, which have facilities and the 46 eerstelijnsgezondheidszorg Bouarfa-hospital with a staff of 71 doctors in the public sector, for a population of 247,052 inhabitants (of which 45% in the countryside live).

The medical intervention program will be deployed in two phases of multidisciplinary medical care offers in Mrija (20-21 november) and Talsint (24-25 november), and a phase of surgical procedures in Bouarfa-Hospital (20-23 november).

Multidisciplinary services include general practice, internal medicine, Pediatrics, health care for mothers, dentistry, ophthalmology, radiology and screening.

The deployment of human and technical resources will make offer to 4000 people, mostly women, children and the elderly.

What surgical procedures are concerned, relates to the General Surgery, ophthalmic surgery for cataracts and circumcision for 210 children.

In addition to the humanitarian Centre and the social workers of the Foundation, will 40 voluntary doctors of three registered associations, as well as surgeons working in the Bouarfa-hospital and local volunteers, join this solidarity operation.

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