Visit to important Moroccan tomato producer in Almeria (video)

Ahmed Mounir's industry has developed from ordinary worker to top tomato producer.

The Spanish city of Almeria is one of the world's largest markets. One of the main producers of this vegetable is a Moroccan, Ahmed Mahajan, who opened the doors of his company for a tour.

Ahmed Mounir is in the fifty and comes from Casablanca. He lives in Almeria since the 1990s. This guy is known by many and possesses a large company designed specifically for greenhouse tomatoes.

Each year, the company has more than 300 tons of tomatoes to the "Almeria Stock Exchange", a production of "super quality". Ahmed Mah has only one dream: to set up a similar project in Morocco.

Ahmed tells among other things to the camera by Lefr360: "I am a Moroccan and live in the city of Almeria since 1998. I first had a normal job, after this I bought half a piece of land. Allah then made it easy for me and in 2007 I purchased this parcel on which we work, that what you see. The tomatoes that you see are the best kind of Almeria or even of the world. I am in possession of almost 3 hectares of land per year 300 tons of tomatoes what yields. "

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