Analysis: ' Ziyech, the missing link of the shabby Orange '

The mere fact that several (respected) football analysts deplore his absence in Orange continuously says enough about the class where this midfielder.

A déjà vu was almost, at least as it felt for me when Sofyan Amrabat's possible match choice so wide was reported in the Dutch media. It is not the first time that there has been a media circus as it set in motion a Moroccan prof which may qualify for the Dutch team. Especially after the World Cup of 2014 suffers Orange to an unprecedented loss of quality, for the World Summit press where the Dutch wasted years on is now made way for a much lesser quality internationals. This has impacted the current Dutch national team; It initially missing the European Championships by 2016 and now the global final round of 2018 in Russia. Somewhere deep inside I look this development with sadness, after all if you are born and raised here do you create automatically a bond with the country. End tournaments are so much nicer if Orange also of the party is, with the warm memories of the World Cup of 2014 for the time being I will have to do. The tournament where everyone initially rather little expected of the team of national coach Louis van Gaal, later grew into a beautiful football story. However it was also the beginning of the decline of Orange to the team that we now see on the field.

To right away but the bridge to make it to the man where this analysis is about: Hakim Ziyech. There was much to do to his eventual choice for Morocco to come out and that had on the conscious time very much to do with the negligence of ex-national coach Danny Blind and his technical staff. Under former coach Guus Hiddink was Ziyech very close to a final career statistics for Orange, the Ajax midfielder signed up in Hoenderloo and came in with the intention to play. Nevertheless, Hakim could make against the US no minutes or Latvia in the big orange, an injury prevented this. However, it was clear that the apparent choice from an interview for Orange one was from sporting considerations, FOX Sports journalist Pascal questioned him about this and he replied,

For me and many others it is guessing at the actual motive to eventually get to Morocco. It is clear that Ziyech a player with character is and sure about a certain amount of what you may call it, positive arrogance, has. When successor Blind him outside the selection left the choice was quickly made, to Badou Zaki was the honour of this quality impulse a Moroccan-international. So far, the player in question clearly made its mark on this Morocco, so much so that national coach Herve Renard at one point almost succumbed to the effects of the Moroccan public opinion. The Frenchman, accompanied by Federal President Faouzi Lekjaa, flew specially to Amsterdam to the mutual ' quarrel '.

With Ziyech you have a player with a lot of technical understanding in house, passing where he continues to show his football expertise to intersperse with me. His drive forward is so great that he occasionally let sit in defensive terms. However, former coach Peter Bosz ensured that the star of Ajax more mileage and so also his contribute defensively. Weekly we see Ziyech his club, last weekend during the huge win on NAC Breda (ed. 0-8), he was twice assist giver.

A quote the character of Hakim draws, he is a player that people don't talk to the mouth. Both during interviews at the end of matches as during in-depth interviews with several leading newspapers and football magazines he takes prominent soccer players and trainers on the heel. And rightly so also if you ask me, giving ' politically-correct ' answers has a sell-by date. At some point you will in the eyes of the public as boring and predictable and when this comes with lesser performance is the end search: football can be very beautiful but also rock hard. So far, I enjoy every week of this topper, one of the few bright spots in the Eredivisie. At Ajax, he has still not as good as with FC Twente but can render that moment yet to come Incha'Allah. And besides, with the World Cup what at the door is opened the way to perhaps even higher stages in the international top-class football. After all, everyone knows that good performance on the main tournament of the FIFA in most cases are followed by a beautiful transfer. Football is a sports entertainment but is now, more than ever, tough business. The stands in the various Russian cities will be filled with scouts, club chairmen and other policy makers. Perhaps Ziyech's CV, and also that of other Moroccan national team-players, will be awarded with a top transfer where the world over will, talk, write and discuss.

Let us hope that the missing link of the current Orange gloss is going to give to Morocco in Russia, we'll see!

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