Zefzafi's lawyer: ' Ilyas EBI Hirak urged to to a plot against the King "

Serious accusations against El Omari today in court.

The scene takes place in the Criminal Division of the Court of appeal in Casablanca, where today yet another session of the trial of the Al Hoceima-offenders was held, including those of the Group of Nasser Zabihi.

In order to defend Zabihi quoted the lawyer Ishaak Sharia, said, his client. He told that during the exchanges with his client, Zabihi told him that El Omari, President of the Regional Council of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima urged him repeatedly to a plot against the stability of the country and against the King.

According to Sharia would Ebi Zabihi reportedly have approached at the beginning of the protests in the reef, but Zabihi "refused to conspire against the monarchy".

"What you say is very serious," said Ali Torchi, Chairman of the body responsible for the ruling on the case of Hirak. Sharia replied: "I ask your Honorable Court to reduce the severity of these allegations to check", then the judge asked to allow Zabihi to speak out "for serious and harmful to disclose facts concerning the security of the State" .