Jumia cancels ' Black Friday ' at the last moment (video)

Jumia has just released the Organization of the second edition of Black Friday cancelled.

The event would take place this evening in Casablanca, but was cancelled because of organizational problems.

The company wants not the failure of the first edition, which was organized in Rabat, reproduce in 2016. The Black Friday was there when held in the Mega Mall and attracted a large number of visitors who wanted to purchase different products at low prices. The massive influx of customers caused a lot of pulling and pushing and theft, even serious injury at some customers. The Jumia-teams were overwhelmed by the facts and this year decided to put a step back for the Second Edition in Casablanca.

In another context, given the tragic events Sunday morning in Sidi Boulaalam, where several women lost their lives during a charitable distribution of food, would not that a similar tragedy happening again Jumia.

The event has been cancelled and will not be postponed to a later date, reports H24Info. However, Black Friday online organized, on two dates, namely Thursday evening 23 november and 24 november until midnight Friday night. It should be noted that customers who want to do good business quickly because the offers are limited.

The video below is from the first edition in Rabat:

[video = youtube; 2xf_kowKP6I] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = 2xf_kowKP6I [/video]

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