Taza: massive food poisoning on boarding school

The students were rushed to the hospital.

20 students of the preparatory lecture Centre Cain Idrissi in Taza Monday were hospitalized after food poisoning. Shortly after their dinner in the restaurant of the boarding school, 20 students felt excruciating abdominal pain. Some of them might even have lost consciousness.

"For months We complain about the poor quality of the meals, so we have breakfast and lunch of the day boycotted, but some of the students have finally eaten in the restaurant, they are almost died," said a student at H24info.

"As soon as the meal was presented, we noticed the unbearable smell on, but we did not know that we risked our lives by such food to eat," said one of the victims.

Ambulances brought the students to the Emergency Department of the hospital Ibn Baja-in Taza. The 20 victims who were taken in the hospital "are much better after the intervention of doctors on site" and "this morning were able to leave the hospital", the source said. The students who stayed in the boarding school of Cain Idrissi, decided to spend the night outside as a protest against the incident.

The students of the Cai Idrissi-Center from the beginning of the academic year renovations within the school demanded, as well as the improvement of the quality of meals offered by the boarding school of the Centre.

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