Moroccan engineer Laila Sidqi wins gold during energy contest in South Korea

Laila Sidqi is one of the most successful and talented young engineers of Morocco.

The Moroccan engineer and inventor Laila Sidqi has won a gold award at the Bixpo Awards 2017. This is an international competition for inventions in alternative energy, which is held annually in South Korea.

With this award has Sidqi obtained certification as one of the most prominent young inventors in the field of electricity in the world. As a result, Morocco has a high status in South Korea in this area.

Sidqi's new invention is a new luminous system that works without electricity.  "In the beginning worked the invention only during the day, but I have developed to work at night and it generates 100% of natural light that changes depending on the climate," she said.

Sidqi already has a number of gold medals received during many international competitions, including one on the ' International Invention Exhibition ' and another at the ' Medical and Pharmaceutical Research Center at the University of Galati in Romania . Both in the field of alternative energy and electricity, the news medium Moroccoworldnews.

Laila's family, which her received at the airport by Mohammed V in Casablanca with flowers, were very pleased and proud of the great achievement of Sidiq. The young inventor grew up in the city Said in the province of Taroudant, after which she moved with her family to Khouribga and then to the ' Mohammedia School of Engineers ' in Rabat went to one of the most successful and talented young engineers of Morocco.

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