Heaps across Casablanca (video)

Casablanca has since the discontinuation of the garbage pick-up company Sita even more load of dirt in the streets

The two waste management companies in Casablanca, Maroc and Mecomar are visible Derichebourg stun and not being able to fulfill their mission. As a result, even the upscale neighborhoods of Casablanca under the waste buried.

In the video witnesses inhabitants and visitors of these districts about the alarming situation and they accuse the authorities responsible for waste management and the service providers, but also the owners of restaurants and cafes nearby.

It all started when the City Council of Casablanca in October 2017 broke the contract with the company Sita Blanca. Since then, the local development company Casa quality services for six months the work retrieved in anticipation of yet another company who is appointed. This interim period is managed by two companies: Derichebourg Maroc for the chic areas of the city such as Anfa and Gauthier and Mecomar for other neighborhoods.

Neither companies do their job well, even on the most chic places of Casablanca, the images are shocking to say the least, what about the rest of the metropolis?

About four months a new tender will be launched to select two new companies instead of Sita. In the meantime, the State of the city intolerable dirty, reports the medium Lefr360.

The interviewees give among other things that the street scene in Casablanca an embarrassment, you see garbage in many places. There are no trash cans making it dirt at a tree or lamppost on street.  The people themselves are also responsible, people should not collect their garbage on a mountain such as coffee shops and the like do. People also eat outside and throw the dirt on the ground. If there would be stricter occurred, this would be less likely to happen.

[video = youtube; CPqAPZJ0sQA] https://www.youtube.com/watch? time_continue = 4 & v = CPqAPZJ0sQA [/video]