Home Affairs Minister: ' Morocco's security situation is very stable '

Both in the fight against terror as a crime the Morocco surprisingly well, thus Laftit the Minister responsible.

After questions to have gotten from different political parties in the Moroccan Parliament allowed the Minister of the Interior is extensively from about the security situation in the country. Morocco is known as one of the countries with the most effective preventive approach and fight against terrorism, this fact is evident in the safety figures of the Kingdom. Also when it comes to the fight against all different types of crime is rising. On the 1000 inhabitants there are annually more 21 cases among other justice and the safety device of the country detected, resolved and/or treated.

1. from the 420,664 registered crimes, offences and crimes in 2017, there are as many as 378,974 dissolved and by the judge; 92.23% so, one of the highest scores in the world
2.402,384 were persons who, for the right answer
3. In total, during this ongoing calendar year for 71 tons of Moroccan hashish and 2.5 tons of cocaine seized
4. The Moroccan police registered a total of 29,000 30,000 individuals were arrested for violent incidents,
5. As many as 118,000 suspects who were eventually also signaled national nabbed

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lakshmi laftit