Court of Auditors: ' Moroccan civil service salaries rise too fast '

A soundbite of the Moroccan Court of Auditors, there might even be a temporary ceiling for that salary development.

The Moroccan Court last Monday brought a report where the emphasis was placed on wage developments by Moroccan officials. This would not be proportionate to how GNP (gross national product) develops. After all, between 2008 and 2016 that wages increased by 5.3% per year while GDP lagged behind with only 3.92% increase. A worrying phenomenon, according to the Court of Auditors in its report. The total sum of wages currently amounts to around 120 billion dirham, shall be paid no less than 860,253 officials.

1. Education: 49.4%
2. Internal Affairs:20.5%
3. Health:8.4%
4. higher education:4.2%

At national level there are large differences in the number of officers per 1000 inhabitants. On average there are 17.2 officials on 1000 inhabitants, per region can this faith differences. Thus, in the Rabat-Salé around this number set at about 37.7 officials. A simple example of a solution that is given for this problem is that there are only in ' exceptional cases and professional categories ' a high salary development.

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