Myanmar ' prepared to return Rohingya '

Myanmar is ' prepared to neighbouring Bangladesh Rohingya fled again '.

Representatives of both countries on Thursday signed a declaration of intent about a return of this Muslim minority. That has the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar published on Facebook. According to the media sends Bangladesh now first personal data of the refugees to Myanmar.

More than 600,000 Rohingya are since the end of August crossed the border for fear of military violence in the State of Rakhine, where most members of this ethnic group lived. The United Nations spoke of an "ethnic cleansing" by the army of Myanmar.

The former Burma, predominantly Buddhist, regarded the Rohingya as illegal immigrants and refused them dozens of years citizenship. The recent massive flight to Bangladesh is certainly not the first. There also lived for the summer already 300,000 Rohingya, often under appalling conditions. The situation in the crowded camps is disastrous.

In Naypyidaw, the capital Myanmar, since Wednesday talked about repatriation. It seems unlikely that the Rohingya willing will return, because whole villages are burned down and many family members have been killed by soldiers and gangs.

Amnesty International is still not optimistic and wait for the details of the agreement. "There can be no safe and dignified return of Rohingya to Myanmar as long as there exists an apartheid system," said Director Charmain Mohamed. "Thousands are held in conditions to concentration camps. In the current climate is a return unthinkable. "

"Myanmar and Bangladesh have clear obligations in accordance with the international rules of law people not to bring back in a situation where prosecution or other human rights abuses. The fact that the United Nations and the international community have been kept completely outside of this process, promises not bode well. Rohingya should not be forced to return, but remain able to request asylum in Bangladesh, "said Mohamed.