Sahara: Horst Köhler's first briefing to the Security Council, Polisario is concerned

The Security Council held a private session on the Sahara last night.

The UN Envoy for the Sahara, Horst Köhler, the members of the Security Council informed of his latest tour of the region (Morocco, Algeria and Mauritania, Tindouf).

The members of the Security Council welcomed this tour, which "probably enter a new dynamic that is required to promote the political process," said Sebastiano Cardi, permanent representative of Italy to the United Nations in New York.

CARDI pointed out that a "constructive attitude" Köhler noticed at all its interlocutors.

The members of the Security Council support the ' vision ' that Horst Köhler has presented and wait for his next initiatives.

"I am encouraged," said Köhler to reporters, who asked him to the consultations that he had conducted with members of the Security Council.

Meanwhile, Ahmed al-Bukhari, the representative of the Polisario front to the United Nations, of the opinion that "If the Security Council continues to treat the conflict still in the same way, the efforts of the new Special Envoy no different will be "than its predecessor, this in the spring of this year walked out.

The leader of the separatist front said the briefing was not clear enough. He added that it is because "the Security Council agrees with the position of France", which supports the proposal of Morocco from 2007.

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