Agadir: Royal Palace converted into huge resort

In Agadir is one in the process of the transformation of a Royal Palace to a resort with international standards to speed up.

The Royal Palace was first owned by a Saudi Minister, who now is deceased, before it was sold to the emir of Qatar, Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani for 150 million dollars. During a visit of the emir was the then resold to Morocco in 2014, in the form of a gift, to King Mohammed VI.

The Palace is located in Aourir, North of Agadir, and is currently being transformed into one of the most important resorts of the tourist town.

In Agadir, and on Royal instructions, we are working hard to speed up the completion of this project, reports Lefr360. All relevant departments are working on the necessary authorizations for the success of the project. The stakes are high, Agadir is the second most important tourist destination in Morocco and the project is expected to be one of his finest showcases.

The resort is spread over 45 acres, including approximately 37 hectares of green space. The planned constructions are luxury hotels, a corniche, a marina and several other infrastructures.

At tourism professionals and the population there is already optimism, the project promises to strengthen the hotel infrastructure of the city and create jobs which need Aourir and Agadir. It will also contribute to the development of the Bay of Agadir, which extends from the place Aourir to that of Taghazout.