Meknes: child saved from sadistic father

The boy underwent the most horrible abuse.

The Foundation "Touche pas à mes enfants" (touch my children not to) unveiled a new serious case of child abuse. They served a complained to the Attorney General of the King against a father who is accused to have his son tortured.

The Arabic language daily Al Massae post today on this sad case. The child is only 7 years old and the mother had fled for the violent and sadistic nature of the father.

Najia Adib, President of the Foundation "Touche pas à mes enfants", said that they saw with their own eyes the torture of the child. The father, told they against Al Massae, used the most sadistic methods of torture. Adib said she initially only made the trip to the farm, where the father had the child locked in a room. The child said he was beaten with a rubber cable and a metal chain bike. The father would even have used a knife. The boy had a deep wound in his head.

A quoting the newspaper writes that the child spent his nights in the cold, tied with wire. Hence his many bruises and wounds, as well as its disturbing psychological state.

Wednesday, in the early hours of the day, turned A back to the farm, but this time she took the gendarmerie which arrested the father and the child saved from his hell.  Both are heard by the researchers.