Marrakech: Princess Lalla Salma is celebration for the "national day against cancer ' (video)

Princess Lalla Salma is Chairman of the Lalla Salma Foundation dedicated to the prevention and treatment of cancer.

During the celebration, which took place yesterday, presented the Lalla Salma Foundation the synthesis and recommendations of the symposium "breast cancer in Morocco: a global approach". This symposium was organized in Marrakech on 21 and 22 november. The symposium was intended to take stock of the progress made and the results of the actions undertaken as part of the cancer plan 2010-2019 for the prevention, detection and treatment of breast cancer.

Princess Lalla Salma then knew the international price for the fight against cancer to professor Claude Chardot, a pioneer in the fight against cancer in France. Professor Chardot took an active part in the creation of the National Institute of Oncology in Rabat. He is emeritus professor of Oncology at the University of Nancy and honorary Director of the Cancer Center of Lorraine.

The national prize was awarded to professor Hassan Eculais, one of the first Moroccan oncologists. He is currently head of the Department of medical oncology at the National Institute of Oncology of Rabat, head of the research unit at the Mohammed V University in Rabat and member of the Scientific Committee of the Institute of cancer research Fez.

In just over ten years, the Lalla Salma Foundation, founded in 2005, the fight against cancer a priority for public health in Morocco and the region.

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