Italy: alleged perpetrator of stolen painting will not be extradited to Morocco

Italy rejected the request of the Moroccan authorities.

"Mustapha t., accused of stealing the masterpiece Le Guerchin (1591-1666) of the Italian painter Giovanni Francesco Barbieri, remains in Italy", reports the Italian news medium.

"The decision was taken on Tuesday 21 november by the Court of appeal in Bologna that rejected the request of the Moroccan authorities, because there has not been compliance with the conditions of extradition", adds the same source.

Mustapha t. is the fifth person who in this case is arrested. He is considered the main spindle and is accused of hiding the painting and smuggling to Morocco.

The painting is 2.93 meters at 1.84 meters and in 2014 was stolen from the Church of Saint Vincent in Modena, Italy. The painting, that has since been found and was transferred last July to Italian officials, is estimated to be worth between five and six million euros.