Daesh-warrior in The silent on Cabinet Desk

The Cabinet is silent in all tonalities about the message that a Syrian terrorist movement Daesh Warrior walk around for months in Netherlands.

Prime Minister Mark Rutte and the ministers Kajsa Ollongren (Home Affairs) and Ferd Gamal (Justice and security) refused Friday to answer the many questions that were put to them following news coverage of the Volkskrant and Nieuwsuur.

"I can only say general things, about how the to and the police operate. That are extremely alert, "said Rutte on his weekly press conference. On specific questions, however, he went not in. "I can not go into individual cases. That would provide insight into the workings of our services. "

"And secondly, what is said may play a role in a future criminal trial. I continue to say nothing about the situation in the Office. I understand that there are concerns, but any special information on what played there ... that I can't do, "said Rutte.

According to reports, a night at the debate Centre De Balie in Amsterdam september attended by a Daesh-warrior from Syria. There it was on 14 september will be shown a documentary about the city in Raqqa, Syria which until recently was the capital of the Caliphate by the terrorist movement declared. One of the members of the Raqqa movement activists is Being Slaughtered, which Silently on the evening was present, recognized the man as a warrior from Syria.

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