Fez: dismantling of a network specialized in car theft

The network worked internationally and smuggled stolen cars within Morocco.

A criminal network specialized in theft with violence and international smuggling of stolen cars was founded on november 23, in Fez dismantled on the basis of information provided by the intelligence agency DGST.

The dismantling of this network is the result of investigations conducted by the security services after the registration of several cases of theft of cars by force. The investigation resulted in the arrest in Fez of the prime suspect.

The prime suspect was arrested in the company of one of his henchmen and in possession of a car that was signaled by the Spanish security authorities internationally as stolen. Two other accomplices were arrested in Fez and Salé.

Searches by the security services in the homes of the suspects led to the seizure of three cars, including a 4 x 4 that was the subject of a declaration of theft with violence by on 11 november in sale, and another stolen car from Spain. Technical expertise will be the origin of the fourth vehicle yet to determine.

The inspection of the seized cars have also led to the seizure of several counterfeit registration, identification and driving documents in the name of the suspects, as well as iron bars, keys, credit cards and bank checks, sums of money and mobile phones.

The suspects were placed in police custody for the purposes of the investigation by the National Investigation Brigade (BNPJ) by order of the competent public prosecutor to all activities and any accomplices of this criminal network to reveal.

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