Casablanca: Brawl between Moroccans and sub-Saharan migrants in Ouled Zaher (video)

The camp of the Sub-Saharan migrants was set on fire.

A feud between sub-Saharan migrants and young people from the district of Derb El Kabir in Casablanca, last night ran completely out of control. According to a witness that the news medium H24info spoke a group of sub-Saharan migrants, which is not far from the site of the Ouled Zaher-bus station for a long time a camp store, a young woman have bothered that in Derb El Kabir lives. The young woman would have insulted them, after which she pursued her. The young woman then would the young people from her neighborhood to rescue have asked.

Dozens of young people from the neighbourhood then organized a private criminal forwarding and stakes of the Sub-Saharan migrants in the camp fire, after which the clash between the two camps began. It was among other things with stones thrown, some on passers-by and cars. The police had to intervene, while firemen were mobilized to the fires under control.

[video = youtube; ICKDw9GqoSg] time_continue = 6 & v = ICKDw9GqoSg [/video]

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