King Mohammed VI sends condolence message to Egyptian president

King Mohammed VI sent the condolence message n.a.v. the attack in Egypt, where at least 235 people died.

King Mohammed VI sent yesterday a condolence message to the president of Egypt, Abdelfattah Al-Sisi, after the terrorist attack at a mosque during Friday prayers in al-Arish. In the attack fell at least 235 dead and 109 wounded.

In the message, the King, in his name and in the name of the Moroccan population, to the Egyptian president his firm condemnation of these cowardly criminal act, which focused on believers in a place of worship. The King repeated to the Egyptian leader his full solidarity with the Egyptian people in this situation, and the connection of the Kingdom of Morocco at international efforts to fight against all forms of hateful terrorism in violation of the requirements of the Islamic religion and universal human values.

The King expressed to president Al-Sisi, and through him to the relatives and to the Egyptian people, his deep sympathy and sincere feelings of compassion. King Mohammed VI also did a supplication to the Almighty to the victims to surround with his Holy mercy and to welcome them in its vast paradise, and to patience and solace to give to their loved ones and a speedy recovery for the injured.

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