Population: 35 million citizens today Morocco reached the

A careful estimate of Morocco's official statistical Office indicates that the country 35 million nationals count goes tonight.

The Haut Commissariat au Plan, similar to the CBS here in Netherlands, recently announced through a press release a very special target point. Based on a carefully set estimate goes the Moroccan Kingdom tonight counting the exact number of 35 million citizens (both in Morocco and around the world). For this calculation is taken as the base year 2014 and 2050 as absolute end point. One has chosen for 2014 as the base year because this is the most recent census, in that year, the country a total of 33,846,206 inhabitants (of which 86,206 foreigners).

The last time the HOT-DIPPED GALVANISED the population checked was last Monday, when the counter was on 34,994,925.