Noteworthy: residents start petition against building Agadir district mosque

The 35.8 million dirham which is allocated for this project can, according to the residents, much better in the social facilities there.

A remarkable message brought the Moroccan website recently in the world, on the site is a petition started against the building of a mosque in Agadir's week Haut Anza. The large group of local residents which supports this initiative, denounces the current state of affairs there. It lacks the people there to all forms of social security: to think is to a police station where the youth go for leisure centres, interpretation, libraries, special education for children, medical institutions and so on. Exists there financial limit for the building of a mosque, for this is the astronomical amount of 35.8 million dirham.

The promoter for , however, stressed that this action is not directly directed against the construction of a mosque, but at the excessive amount paid from this project.

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