Fnideq Hotel: police raid during wedding

The police were looking for the father of the bride.

For more than 14 years know a powerful drug Lord from the area Tetouan-Fnideq to escape justice, despite several arrest warrants at the national and international level.

In the edition of Assabah today reports that in the night from Saturday to Sunday a large police raid, which was jointly carried out by the judicial police of Fnideq and Tetouan, took place during a wedding party.

After it had been informed that the daughter of the drug Lord, which since 2003 is wanted, was preparing to celebrate her wedding, seized the police the opportunity to the fugitive baron in the collar. According to Assabah were not less than 35 elements of the judicial police, dressed in civilian clothes and armed, among the many guests to identify and arrest the suspect infiltrated.

Around 1 am, and while the wedding party was in full swing, police stormed inside and she wanted to use the element of surprise. But although the marriage was that of his own daughter, the drug Lord was not found.

Assabah assumes that persons employed by the drug Lord surely the presence of the police on the scene, and on the roads to the farm where the marriage took place, have signaled.

The daily newspaper also States that the impossibility of the drug Lord to arrest lies in its very high mobility and the multitude of his homes in the North of Morocco. In addition, he would have a super fast yacht with which he moves along the coast or even between the two shores of the Mediterranean can move.

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