First meeting of the Islamic military anti-terror coalition

Morocco also is part of this coalition.

The great danger of terrorism is not only that innocents die, but also the destruction of the reputation of islam as a religion. That said the Saudi Crown Prince Salman Sunday in Riyadh, the capital of his country.

Mohammed bin Salman spoke at the first meeting of a new coalition of Muslim countries that is going to fight international terrorism. The Islamic military anti-terror coalition (IMA) consists of 41 Member States.

The opening meeting took place two days after the bloody attack by terrorists on the visitors of a mosque in Egypt, whereby at least 305 people died and dozens of others were injured. Salman called the attack "a painful incident that presses us to the danger of radical extremism reminds".

The formation of the Alliance against terrorism was announced two years ago. The big absentee is the predominantly Shiite Iran, a powerful competitor of Saudi Arabia in the region.

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