Ryad: shocking images of Saudi who stab Moroccan (video)

Please note, the images are not suitable for sensitive viewers!

A Saudi citizen fell on Saturday 25 november a Moroccan citizen with a knife in a café in Ryad. A video of the attack now goes viral on social media.

For now, the severity of the injury of the Moroccan citizen not known, reports the Saudi media. According to the first information the Saudi man had a relationship with a Moroccan woman. The couple broke up and the young woman got a relationship with the victim of the attack. Something that the Saudi not accepted and this led him to surprise the pair in the café. There followed a dispute and at that time took out the Saudi citizen his weapon. The young woman escaped narrowly.

[video = youtube; t8s8pPsgI0g] https://www.youtube.com/watch? time_continue = 5 & v = t8s8pPsgI0g [/video]