Moroccan cities: Dakhla

In the series with Moroccan cities we will focus the spotlight on Dakhla.

Dakhla is a city in Western Sahara and is the capital of the region of Oued ed Dahab-Lagouira. The city is built on a narrow peninsula of the Atlantic coast about 550 km south of Laayoune.

The city lies down in Morocco and borders against Mauritania, it is a wonderful addition to the Sahara Sahara area and also a breathtaking sea where many water sports are practiced such as kite surfing and windsurfing. The main source of income of the city is fishing and tourism. The small city counted in 2014 a population 70,482 inhabitants.

Dakha was formerly inhabited by Berbers, then the Arab tribe Oulad Dlim Himyari coming from Yemen, in the twelfth century in the Sahara. In 1844 after the Spaniards who called her Villa Cisneros and who remained there until 1975.

During the colonial period, the Spanish authorities made Dakhla capital of the province of Río de Oro. Dakhla was from late 19th century to 1975 seized by Spain, then was ceded power to the original country, Morocco.

Discover the Dakhla lagoon, do you like adventure then there is plenty to do here. You can get a 3-hour sailing trip by catamaran and thus the Dakhla lagoon. Visit the dunes in the desert island or a secluded beach to flamingos and perhaps to see dolphins. You can also fly kites, kiting and paragliding. Of course you can also take a cooling dip in the sea or relax on the beach. Keep your camera ready for when you arrive there where Africa meets the sea. And enjoy the desert landscapes, clear starry sky and kilometers long sandy beach with a special atmosphere.

The center is the Dragon Beach in the lagoon of Dakhla. The Rifhly Dakhla Sports Centre is open all year round and offers surf and kitesurf lessons. The Centre also offers material, has a surf shop and offers tours and other activities. Surfers in the lagoon have ideal conditions with always cant onshore and constant wind, no rocks or obstacles at the side or in the water and the best location of the Bay in the lagoon, where the main spot is located.

Rent a quad, the beach of Dakhla is long and stretched without many obstructions, an ideal beach for a quick ride. Do you like speed and action than is such a ride is a real winner.

Traffic you in a nomadic OASIS by a ride in the Sahara. Just make sure you get to the proper authorities who organise this. They can inform you about the possibilities, guides and routes.

This is a large square in Dakhla where you can relax and reach of the busy city, the place is quiet and peaceful. You'll see a lot of locals who come here to study for their exams. The square seems almost on a tiled shade.

Do you like to travel around in an RV then Dakhla here suitable for, especially if you're specifically for browsing is the camper a great means of transport.

In the Ensemble Artisanal you can visit different workshops, jewelry stores and all kinds of local food stalls where they sell handmade products, nice to a souvenir to score.

The mosque is a simple whitewashed mosque that was built by the Spaniards. He stands out for its simple architecture and thus also by its simplicity. This mosque is located in the heart of Dakhla, so he is easy to find. There are also many cafés and restaurants in the neighborhood of the mosque, where you get a bite to eat or drink.

Do you like horseback riding and hiking, take a ride on the beach by horse or camel. You can rent a horse with a guide which has a long or short walk on the beach with you.

Create your travel adventure by the oldest part in Dakhla. It is very difficult to find this place, but it's well worth it to find out and get to know better at the same time Dakhla. The place has a totally different atmosphere than the rest of the city. The houses in the area are also older order seems to go back in time.

Dakhla has a warm desert climate what is tempered by the influence of the Atlantic Ocean. By this influence are very extremely high temperatures such as in the Interior but little for. There is also little average precipitation. You come specially for browsing or for another watersport than are especially suitable for the spring and summer months, in the winter months the wind less security. Would you like a Sun, sea and beach holiday? Then the summer months here suitable for.


Dakhla has an airport, Dakhla Airport. It has no train station, there is the possibility to make use of taxis, buses and car rental.

Morocco has so much beauty and features beautiful spots, more on this next week in the next city!

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