Islamic cultural center in Warsaw destroyed

An Islamic cultural centre in Warsaw was destroyed last night.

"Informed about 6 o'clock in the morning, the police immediately sent a patrol on the spot. Twelve Windows were broken and the frame of a large tent was in the damaged garden found. There are no slogans found and the incident will be provisionally treated as vandalism, "said the spokeswoman for the District of Ochota politiebureau, Edyta Wisowska, to AFP.

The damage arose because the perpetrator, or perpetrators, threw stones to the building.

The Islamic cultural center, that one of the two mosques of Warsaw and houses a restaurant, is an important modern building whose construction was completed in 2015.

"We are still waiting for measures to combat hate statements against Muslims in Poland, which have increased dramatically in recent years, especially since the outbreak of the migration crisis", said the Coordinator of the Center, Ahmad Alattal, against .

"We receive constant threats by email, on social networks and also by phone, a month and a half ago we had a similar incident, but of a smaller size. A glass bottle was shattered on the glass of the front door, "he said.

"The only answer we got from the Polish authorities was that of the Chancellery of the Senate who told us that they understood our fear, but that our fears were unfounded, so nothing was done to protect us," lamented Alattal.

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