Rabat: 6 months imprisonment for apprentice teacher abused (video)

A clear signal from the Court for this unacceptable behavior.

A pupil of the high school district El Youssoufia, Ibn Battouta in Rabat, was Friday 24 november to six months in prison convicted of physically assaulting his teacher on 3 november, reports the daily newspaper Al Akhbar in its edition of today.

On 7 november opened the elements of the judicial police of the 3rd district of Rabat a judicial inquiry against the 18-year-old student and arrested him.

The discretion of the Court was welcomed by colleagues here of the teacher during the process.

[video = youtube; 8wAzi4Nj9Zw] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = 8wAzi4Nj9Zw [/video]