Fact check: ' Morocco WORLD CUP-goer with most foreign-born players '

This fact underlines yet again the widely accepted view that the Moroccan Botola Pro competition still for much improvement.

After Morocco entered the books as the first country ever to know what without goals conceded has places for a World Cup, there is still a striking statistic where Morocco on place number one ends. Namely the percentage of players in this selection that were born abroad, and mostly there their football training. CIES Football Observatory when the professional football sports on different planes, brought these monitors selection-feature for all 32 World Cup players.

2. Senegal39.4%
3.Portugal 32.1%
4. Switzerland 31.0%
5.Tunisia 23.5%
6.Croatia 15.4%
7. Nigeria11.4%
8.France 10.0%
9.Spain 8.8%
10.Australia 8.1%

Click for the full list of CIES Football Observatory

Morocco so high that comes out can mean 2 things: either Morocco's own League (Botola Pro) provides quality players who are not good enough for the national team, or the scouting of the Moroccan Football Federation FRMF in Europe and elsewhere is quite good.

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