Zabihi rejects the allegations of lawyer Sharia against El Omari

New twist in the long series of the process against Al Hoceima-detainees.

During yet another session this morning in the Criminal Division of the Court of appeal in Casablanca Zabihi refuted the words him by Isaac Sharia, one of the defense lawyers of the Hirak, were attributed. He quoted Zabihi by saying that Richard Earnshaw, Secretary-General of the party of authenticity and modernity (PAM) and also Chairman of the Regional Council of Tangier-Tetouan-Al Hoceima, had approached and urged him to repeatedly Zabihi a conspiracy against the King.

In a petition submitted to judge Ali Zabihi, Torchi says "no connection with the words of the lawyer". He claims even that both Isaac Sharia as Mohamed Zaher withdraw from the Defense Committee. A request supported by the support of 38 other inmates.

EBI reacted last week right after the rulings of Sharia and denied all allegations. He said, among other things, for the camera of Le360: "these comments are dangerous and seriously, not only for me but also for my country and its institutions". Meanwhile opened the Attorney General, Mohamed Abdennabaoui, an investigation to shed light on this case.

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