Dutch students build own car for the Morocco Desert Challenge (video)

A special school assignment for fourteen car engineering students of the Drenthe College in Assen.

The students are since september at the Tinker. "Yes, super cool to to cooperate", say virtually all students on this project to .

"This is the first time that we as a school to join in something big," explains Professor Mark Baldwin. "You will now see a nice chemistry in the group. Pupils work together, they discuss, really great to see. "

Chris Lafond control the car. He has been active in rallying, but going on the road for the first time with a car used by a group of students was put together. "That makes it something more exciting Yes. But on the other hand not because it is a very motivated group, so that's certainly good. "

The students must not only prepare the car, also things like sponsorship and promotion they should regulate themselves. "You see all of a sudden that the students also get interest in other subjects. They should write letters to sponsors, so they go to the Dutch teacher. In Morocco they should above all speak English, so the English classes they find now also interesting, "said Ban.

Of the fourteen students who may eventually but the class counts, five to Morocco. "They assess among other things on bet so I put me in for this project.  Also work is important. I really hope that I can, "says Randy. "I would really like to go to Morocco. It's such a unique project, such an opportunity you don't get fast again, "Bart to fill.

At the end of January becomes clear what boys the honour. A report of the preparations made by rtvdrenthe, is seen here:

The tenth edition of the ever-growing Morocco Desert Challenge starts on 14 april.

[video = youtube; c9QH8Q3APN8] https://www.youtube.com/watch? v = c9QH8Q3APN8 [/video]

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