Amnesty International calls for ' immediate ' Hirak-release of detainees

Amnesty International yesterday gave a statement.

In a statement issued yesterday, and published by the Spanish news agency EFE, the human rights organisation Amnesty International calls on the Moroccan authorities to the "immediate and unconditional release" of the Hirak-prisoners and El M, the administrator of the online news site The last is trapped in Casablanca because of sedition to take part in an unauthorized demonstration.

"The crackdown on protesters in recent months is relentless: the authorities must release activists Zabihi and the other who have been arrested because they protested peacefully or because they report submitted by the protests," said Heba Morayef, onderzoekshoofd of Amnesty International for North Africa. And to these detainees to qualify as "prisoners of conscience".

The international NGO also deplores the detention of Nasser Zabihi "for 176 days in solitary confinement and without human contact" in the prison Manikandan (Ain Sebaâ), as well as the confinement in an individual cell of El M for a period lasts longer than the maximum 15 days.

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