Red Cross opens 7244 giro number for Yemen

Is going to be the Red Cross relief operation in the war-torn Yemen.

Also Wednesday giro 7244 opened. For the help in the country's 104 million euros. There is a huge water shortage which even medical posts. The relief organization goes under more fuel for a month for the water boards in Taiz, Hodeida and so that the water pumps do it again.

Yemen has been the scene of violence for over two years and by now according to the Red Cross lack of everything. Nearly ten million people urgently need help, especially clean drinking water, medical care and food. This spring also broke a large cholera epidemic, with more than 900,000 people have been infected. Also is now here and there diphtheria. There are already twenty people died.

Saudi Arabia closed 6 november all border crossings with neighbouring Yemen: relief supplies and aid workers there could not. Meanwhile the first relief flights landed again. Over the last few days arrived in Sanaa the first flights with relief supplies and aid workers from the UN and the Red Cross.

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