Tangier: a new tourism development plan

The regional tourism Council has unveiled the new onwikkelingsplan for the year 2018.

The trip to Tanger by the Minister of tourism, Mohamed Sajid, and the Secretary of State, Lamia, Ballesteros was the ideal opportunity to the new action plan for the development of tourism of Tangier to present, writes Aujourd'hui Le Maroc.

This new plan is based on four axes: governance, improvement in the quality of the reception of tourists, promotion of the city and the connectivity with other destinations. To the actions planned for 2018 include the strengthening of traditional markets and expansion of new markets, improving air access, the completion of work on Villa Harris and the opening of Perdicaris and Cape Spartel.

One wants to also promote the cruise sector more, which has registered a sharp decline with receiving only 16 ships between January and August in 2016 and 2017, against 68 85 in 2015.

Professionals in the sector took advantage of this meeting with government officials to the lack of financial resources of the Regional Council, which in view of its important role in promoting the region, both in Morocco and in the abroad, needs more money.

Tanger has about 105 hotel and tourist accommodations, with a total capacity of 12,300 beds.

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