Wilders does Declaration against Prime Minister Rutte

There are hundreds of examples according to Wilders ' "that would show that the Prime Minister discriminates against the ' common Dutch '.

PVV leader Geert Wilders has Thursday registered against premier Mark Rutte because of discrimination. He is "convinced a good chance to win" with the Declaration. More than 36,000 people support the case, said Wilders. He had their support.

There are according to Wilders "hundreds of examples" that would show that the Prime Minister discriminates against the ordinary "Dutchman". He pointed, inter alia, on the fact that no asylum seekers have to pay medical expenses. According to Wilders are asylum seekers, but also, for example, foreign investors is to be preferred. He spoke of "criminal behaviour" of the Prime Minister.

"We hope that this Declaration is taken just as seriously as other declarations," said Wilders. He does not think that his declaration outgunned, but warns that he can go to court if necessary steps to force justice to prosecution of the Prime Minister.

That Wilders to the police get does not alter the parliamentary work, he says. "We have it in the room tried, but Rutte is not listening and he must feel but also how it is", said the PVV-foreman.