Police boss Ha put new research teams in for different regions

This is to ensure that more value from the existing judicial files.

To what it brought out Moroccan medium Assabah recently it seems that the top police boss of Morocco, Abdellatif Ha of the DGSN, a renewed strategy is going to handle. In different regions in the country are special units installed that the legal side of police work for their molars are going to get. So are all judicial files and other technology made available to the other security services at vernuftigheden.

It comes in practice that one on the basis of the already existing criminal cases, more and faster current affairs wants to go. It is intended that several criminal matters are going to be linked together, this to the not yet resolved cases back on. In particular, the BNPJ would have to go pick the fruits of the long term. When this quality impulse for the Moroccan safety device used is going to be is not yet clear, just as what regions it concerns.

abdellatif ha