Mokhtar: ' Saw a R and A.k. here earlier with nice cars drive past '

As a youth exponent of PSV seems Mokhtar, nowadays for 26 years, finally to have found his niche in football at PEC Zwolle.

That PEC Zwolle currently in the upper echelons of the Premier League is is to a large extent attributable to the decisive contribution of attacker Yadav Mokhtar. The Moroccan youth international in the summer of 2016 returned back from a lucrative trip to abroad, in the Saudi League club Al-Nasr at the Riad. With 2 points difference takes his club the fourth spot in the Eredivisie in PEC Zwolle. The club just below them is city club FC Utrecht, where Mokhtar was born and raised and still lives.

Opposite the NOS has the player, on the occasion of the League game tonight PEC Zwolle-FC Utrecht, about his childhood years and the long road he walked to stand where he now stands. The conversation takes place in the Overvecht district where he is currently with his wife and eight month old daughter live.

'' Ibrahim Afellay came here as well. Just as Ismaïl Aissati and Jürgen Colin. Actually all the guys who lived in Utrecht. They were a bit older and said often that I should not do it because I was too small. But when I play a game of playing they cried: let but, he's good enough. ''  For Mokhtar at the time these guys were role models, so let him prove:
Another topic discussed what is Morocco's World Cup qualifying. Along with a few other names from the Eredivisie emerged Mokhtar itself as game makers, for his club, the links outdoor is currently 6 goals and 3 assists (Eredivisie and KNVB Cup). Hence the valid question of NOS or the player in question takes account of a trip to Russia, he answers: '' that would be nice, though it's nothing something you always in hand. The only thing that I can do is do my best at PEC. I want to give myself not rich. ''

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