Islamic prayer services on Belgian tv

The Flemish public service broadcaster VRT will broadcast Islamic prayer meetings for the first time on tv.

The VRT will broadcast an Islamic prayer meeting twice a year and for the first time such a meeting next week.  The broadcasts for 40 times a year of meetings including Roman Catholic, Protestant and Jewish worship services.

"It is not that we worship services leaving out other tendencies, we are just two," said Coninck-De Boeck (Deputy network manager of One) against the . "For years We are different times with all possible philosophies. And in one of the conversations with Muslim Governments is this question on the table. "

The VRT sees broadcasting of the Islamic prayer meeting as a service for people who do not may be present in the mosque. At the same time stresses the broadcasting the tv audience wanting to give an insight in the different religions out there. According to the VRT is it their job to the Flemings in contact with different views, opinions and philosophies.

The first Islamic service at the VRT is on Sunday 10 december to see from the Frank Ebno Tabit Mosque in Genk.

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