In the picture: Morocco's leaden gang to the World Cup by 2018 (video)

The cover above covers the charge of Morocco's very tough qualifying campaign: you qualify for a World Cup in Africa is not only technique but more on physical plane have the upper hand.

That Morocco shortly look forward to the drawing ceremony for the 2018 World Cup in Russia is not a matter of course, the long road that had to be paved for this success resulted in the very tough away games which in most cases in appalling conditions had to be played. Take for example the diptych with Equatorial Guinea, which at the time was finished under national coach Badou Zaki, in the away match fell which Moroccan World Cup dream almost in tatters. Nevertheless, the main one offered to the pressure, the arbitral misses, the bad fields and weather conditions still that much needed shine to Morocco as a football nation.

This spacious 23-minute reportage of beIN Sports takes you into the qualifying campaign from beginning to end, definitely recommended with a view to the draw of about to.

[video = youtube; LZfd29Sgsrw] time_continue = 956 & v = LZfd29Sgsrw [/video]

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